JMFS # 017 – Be Open to Change

A lot of people believe they can’t change their circumstances and they get comfortable where they’re at. Find out what happens when you realize that’s a trap! Check out my video below and hear what I have to say about being stuck, and how to get UN-stuck! I think it will be worth your time to hear this. And it’s … Read More

JMFS # 016 – Dream Killers

Have you ever shared your dream or passion with someone, ony to have them tell you all the reasons why it won’t work or why it’s not a good idea? How do you react to these “dream killers?” It’s easy to let negative thoughts creep into our heads. It’s almost human nature to be negative, although I think much of … Read More

JMFS #015 – Friends for a Season

I had a “friend” who I’d met several years ago through business. They lived in another state. I recently was in that state and got in touch with them and suggested we get together for coffee. That person told me “I’m really busy. I’m laser focused and don’t have time for any distractions. Sorry.” “Too busy to meet for coffee? … Read More

JMFS #014 – You’ll Never Be Ready

Remember those things that were really important to do, that you were going to get started on as soon as… the time was right, that other thing was done, or you were otherwise “ready?” Guess what. You got it. You’ll never be ready. Seriously. I mean it. Watch this video to see what I mean and how you can “be … Read More

JMFS #013 – Go Do It

I got to thinking last night; What if I was dying? What would I regret most for not having done? There are a lot of things I’ve wanted to do, but there are a few things I put off for the longest time. Which of those things would I regret not doing before I passed? This thought was in my … Read More