Grab Your Opportunity

We’re wrapping up our week in Georgia. It’s been a fantastic week full of so many awesome events and great people. It’s also presented a number of awesome new opportunities for us. After another great day, I reflected back on the week. My takeaway was about grabbing your opportunity. Had I not acted on an opportunity less than a year ago … Read More

Be Grateful

After a whirlwind day in Atlanta, including a CDC press conference to launch the new Tips from Former Smokers campaign, our driver gave us a mini-tour of the neighborhood that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. grew up in and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. He pointed out the Ebenezer Baptist Church and we asked him to stop … Read More

Stay Focused

Today’s video was recorded in front of a nice little waterfall in the garden area of the Emory Conference Center Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m down in Atlanta for a press conference to announce the launch of a public service announcement campaign that I’m in. (More on that later.) While I was here this week, I attended a media training event, … Read More

Is Watching YouTube Videos BAD For You?

This morning I had a talk with my daughter about watching YouTube videos. Like any kid she enjoys watching silly videos, like cats playing the piano or whatever. The problem is I’ve noticed she’s spending more and more time watching videos and less time watching educational videos (about dinosaurs or comets or whatever interests her at the time) and even … Read More

Know When to Walk Away

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation that isn’t as positive as it could be. In fact it might be down right negative, as in “not good for you.” Our associations are a powerful influence on our attitude and habits, and thus our success. A while ago I joined a Facebook Group. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen some … Read More